Citrine & Chill

So here it goes, I’m back to blogging. I type this as my 12 pound shih tzu – terrier hops on the bed and stares at me. Blu is not a huge fan of my mac book and literally attacks my keyboard when she catches me on it for too long.

Tough shit lol as I’m back in school studying for my MFA in Creative Writing and Contemporary Media. Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite sometime, but didn’t have the courage to apply until I annoyed my friends to death about it. Can’t be all talk and no action, I guess.

Like my instagram bio says, I’m just trying to write and chill and be magical for the rest of my days. I came here for a good time – at least that’s what I like to think. I’m a fiction writer, who dabbles in poetry (I dabble in a lot of things, but we’ll keep it to two for now). I also like to think I’m here to create worlds, to expose people to an adventure of a lifetime, and to work my way through my own journey.

My vessel for all of these things, just happens to be a pen.

My intention for this, is to let you guys in on my process, my works, interests, how I keep up with my self (self care) and well to practice. Practice does make perfect.

I am also open to post suggestions (please send any ideas).

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