My 4 Self-Care Must Haves & Where I Fall Short

Self-care has become normalized in current times, and I am more than thankful for that. Living in a workaholic culture, we need to prioritize our health – and not be questioned. Though what qualifies as “self-care?” Well, it’s not just eating that slice of cake – though cake can be a part of your self-care too!

But don’t go around doing anything and slapping “self-care” on it to give yourself an excuse for bad habits. This is meant to be a form of self-love, not self-sabotage. So, what exactly is self-care? Well, it’s the things you need to do to de-stress, make yourself feel good but also maintain yourself. It can be fun things like; buying a new pair of shoes, a spa day or hanging out with your girls. However, the “boring” stuff like doctors appointments, drinking enough water, tidying your space and paying bills on time also counts as self-care. Without balancing them both, we may find ourselves too stressed to function.

I definitely have.

The stress will lead me to anxiousness and then procrastination – and back to stress again.

That being said, my self-care may look completely different than yours. And that is fine since mine are catered to my needs. But this is just to draw some inspiration for you, and hopefully, get you to define what self-care is for you. That or maybe you can take to my Pinterest account and get a few more ideas.

1. Treat Yo’self

I am an avid believer in the “treat yo’self” system. Sometimes when I’m having an especially hard day, I may splurge something tasty (a favorite drink or snack) or pick up that item I’ve been eyeing in my Amazon cart for a week or two now (“add to cart” is my favorite version of a shopping list). The point is I do not deprive myself of feeling good when I feel low – instead, I try to find a motivator to get me to finish the day strong, or complete my tasks early. I guess you can say it’s my own little reward system.

Now,  I have definitely gotten carried away with this a few times and have splurged more than I had planned or took myself completely off my diet. Treating yourself is a treat; otherwise it loses the value and fun of it. Have fun, enjoy yourself, but at some point, you have to get back on task.

2. Bodycare – Soaps,Scents & Lotions

So, I’ve recently started taking what I put on my skin pretty seriously. I’ve always had sensitive skin, and since changing my diet to a plant-based regime, I have encountered new reactions to things that I’ve either never had before or haven’t experienced in years. As I cut out a lot of things like soda, meat, and other things; took on a few other healthy habits (lemme tell you I still suck at consistency) my body chemistry changed, and things that use to be no issue were some of the most anxiety-inducing moments for me.

And this is why I decided I can’t just slather anything on my body anymore.

That being said, my self-care may look completely different than yours.

Side note: It also helps that my best friend is great at finding self-care bath things. I have not tried a bath bomb until one Christmas she discovered LUSH. This year we all tried CBD bath bombs – pure genius- but that’s for another post.

But the point is I’ve invested more in the oils, moisturizers, face washes, soaps and other things that touch my body. Not only do I not worry about random outbreaks and rashes but I feel a ton more relaxed when I get to try something special – for example, CBD bath bombs & a book.

3. Staying Organized

Planners are my secret guilty pleasure, and I have a million docs. Between work, school, my dog and…well my life I have found organizing at least my appointments, assignments and key things help me to stay on top of what exactly is going on.  Even if I don’t actually view my planner that day, I have the same data in my calendar or a to-do list, so I feel more confident not forgetting crucial things.

Now the downside – I will spend too much time creating calendars (I have at least three I use actively). Also if I don’t see it, I have a habit of forgetting it, too not good. Everything in life can’t be planned, and well I shouldn’t have to carry such a heavy bag to accommodate all my lists.

4. Yoga & Writing

This I can definitely improve on but when I manage to get around to doing things like creating and yoga … I feel great. I picked up Kundalini yoga last year, and it has been something I would put on my top three things that help me feel calm and like “I got this.” I would suggest anyone try, the in-studio sessions are great because since it’s practiced with eyes closed and it’s mostly routine – you can pick up quick and not have to worry about people staring at you.

Writing, of course, I would love it if I could stick to writing a short story or post every day, but that hasn’t happened to me in a while. However, waiting for inspiration to strike has proven to cause me to miss deadlines and feel not too great about myself. That’s why these two go hand in hand for me – they help with each other.


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