About Me

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“Write all of those love letters but start with yours.”

Hi! ,

I’m a New Jersey creative, herbalist and life enthusiast. Currently, I’m studying for my MFA in Los Angeles .

I’m a content creator that has experience with freelance web development and production. However, I spend a great deal of my time writing — the power of language I’ve found to be alluring. I’ve contributed a wide variety of content; interviews, informative articles, opinion pieces, poetry, and fiction. I’ve also ran my own pop culture website and online magazine, before deciding to shift my focus on things like; wellness, poetry, fiction, essays – and how I can combine those with things like animation, video games, and other things that pique my interest.

In my spare time catch me doing yoga, looking for snacks, or adventuring with my dog.

If you have suggestions or any other inquiries – citrineandchill@gmail.com